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The Digital Academy is a teaching organization hosted at the Canada School of Public Service. It offers a curriculum that supports public servants at all levels in modernizing their operations to deliver the kind of digital services that people expect.

This curriculum is an important element of the next phase of public service renewal, Beyond 2020, which focuses on the importance of an agile, inclusive and equipped public service.

What the Digital Academy offers

The Digital Academy curriculum is intended for public servants at all levels. Some learning opportunities will be more general in nature, while others will be specialized.

  1. The Digital Foundations tier is intended for all public servants. It aims to provide timely information on the digital world that will affect how public servants do their jobs and even live their lives. There will be something for all tastes and all levels of digital acumen.
  2. The Digital Premium tier, or the specialized streams for Practitioners, will focus on data, design, development, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), DevOps and disruptive technology.
  3. The Digital Leadership tier aims to develop digital skills and mindsets for those who lead service design and delivery—not to mention the culture change required to "do digital" successfully in the federal public service.

The Digital Premium and Digital Leadership tiers run concurrently. Participants in both will subsequently join forces in a common blended practicum that is built around taking on real-life projects and challenges. Solutions will be presented in a "Dragon's Den"–type activity.

How you can get involved

Participants in the Digital Premium and Digital Leadership tiers streams are selected by their home departments. We encourage you to have a conversation with your manager if you wish to take any of the Academy's specialized training courses.

The Digital Foundations tier has many components, including An experiment in user engagement and online learning for public servants across Canada, delivers bite-sized introductions (15 minutes or less) to key themes dealing with digital technology and government.

The Digital Academy also hosts events as part of the "Let's Talk Digital" and "Digital Acumen" series. Keep an eye on the CSPS Events calendar for upcoming events near you.

Stay connected

One way to stay up-to-date with the work of the Digital Academy is to subscribe to the Digital Academy's newsletter. You can also follow the Digital Academy on Twitter or email the Digital Academy directly if you have more questions.

As an aside, if you are interested in artificial intelligence, you can also subscribe to this Artificial Intelligence distribution list.

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