Business line: GC and Public Sector Skills

The GC and Public Sector Skills business line offers public servants learning opportunities related to the operations of government and to working within a public-sector context. All products are designed to give employees of the core public service the knowledge and skills they need to perform at their best.

What we offer

Public service orientation

There is a lot to do and to learn when you start a new job in the public service. We support new employees in gaining a better understanding of their role and in learning to navigate their career through our Public Service Orientation Program (available online and in-person).

Public service programs

Public servants should pursue learning based on where they are on their career path. From entering into the public service, to working as a functional specialist, to transitioning to a management or executive role, the School has training for each step along the way.

Our key transition programs target public servants who are taking on new responsibilities as a supervisor, manager, executive or leader:

Our talent management programs for aspiring leaders include:

Authority delegation

If managers and executives need to obtain signing authority within their organization, they will be assigned a certification path and must complete the necessary Authority Delegation Training and assessments.

Official languages

The use of English and French in the public service is more than an obligation; it's a symbol of leadership, respect, understanding and desire to communicate with others.

The School offers language maintenance tools and services that support departments and agencies in carrying out their duties with respect to building and sustaining their employees' official languages competencies.

Learning for functional communities

The School has several streams of learning products for functional specialists, including mandatory training in various communities. See if we have your community covered:

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Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

Gender-based Analysis Plus

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Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

Indigenous Learning Series

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School's podcasts


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