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Disaggregated Data: A Tool for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity


In the era of Big Data, the need for accurate and representative data and statistics in making public policy decisions is ever more pressing. In this context, join the Federal Black Employee Caucus (FBEC) and the Canada School of Public Service for the next instalment of the Anti-Racism Event Series as we discuss how disaggregated data can be leveraged to make our workplaces, and society, more equitable.

Learn more about the Anti-Racism Event Series.

Opening Remarks

Anil Arora, Chief Statistician of Canada, Statistics Canada


  • Tina WL Chui, PhD, Acting Director, Diversity and Social Statistics, Statistics Canada
  • Debra Thompson, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, McGill University
  • Richard Sharpe, Co-Founder, Federal Black Employee Caucus


Nathalie Laviades-Jodouin, Director General, Respectful and Inclusive Workplace, Canada School of Public Service


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National Indigenous History Month

This year, National Indigenous History Month is dedicated to the missing children, the families left behind and the survivors of residential schools.

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