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Succeeding in a Digital World


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology and digital were a part of almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives. In the public service, every program, problem, and potential solution involved some form of technology. In 2021, the writing is on the screen: digital is here to stay.

We must understand what this means if we are to work and lead effectively in this digital world. What does success look like and who needs to be involved? How might the government's role in society change? How do we ensure that all citizens benefit equally in our digital solutions?

Join us to learn how governments and other organizations are successfully responding to the unprecedented challenges as they work, serve citizens, and thrive in this reality.

Connect to the event through our virtual expo (vExpo)! Here, you will get to consult the agenda, learn more about the speakers, join the live chat, and visit a variety of virtual kiosks to catch up on the many digital-related initiatives developed across the public service. Stay tuned for the link to the vExpo!

This event will include a thought-provoking panel discussion and engaging demonstration presentations and showcases.

Succeeding in a Digital World - Program


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