Public Service Orientation

Welcome to the Public Service of Canada!

Whatever your role, wherever you work, what you do as a public service employee touches the lives of Canadians every day. Public Service Orientation is your first stop to learn what you need to perform at your best.

The orientation program is a common foundation shared across the public service. It offers a whole library of resources and learning opportunities that cover the core knowledge needed by all public servants.

Get to know the fundamentals of the public service and why your work matters to Canada. Public Service Orientation covers a variety of topics including how government works, security awareness, information management, healthy and respectful workplaces and much more.

Public service fundamentals

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If you are a new public servant, you must register for a GCcampus account to complete courses and obtain your certificate.

Required courses

The required courses for new public servants are:

For the complete list of courses, visit the Public Service Orientation section on GCcampus.

The School also offers the Public Service Orientation Workshop, which is available in various cities across Canada.

Values and Ethics Foundations For Employees (C255)

Public service employees are encouraged to learn about the core values of the Public Service of Canada to become comfortable in applying these values within their organization. This online course explores the foundational concept of values and ethics and deals with conflicts of interest, ethical dilemmas and issues of accountability. Participants will identify and apply key principles related to values and ethics through exercises and scenarios.

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hours

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Who We Work For (C218)

It is important that all new and experienced public servants have a foundational understanding of how Canada's non-partisan federal public service serves the democratically elected government of the day. This online course examines the functions and the organizational relationships between Parliament, the Government of Canada and the federal public service. Participants will explore the role of government, how Canada governs itself, the organization of the federal government, the functions of departments and central agencies and common government services.

Estimated Duration: 1.5 hours

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